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A fully licensed mortgage originator, real estate brokerage and law office under one roof,
Homestead SPC is a "social purpose" firm with the tools and experience you need to win in real estate:

We navigate the mortgage maze and you save money

Homestead SPC is not your “run of the mill” licensed mortgage loan broker, we are a law firm too. As such, we owe our clients the HIGHEST DUTY OF CARE. As many as 10 million families lost their homes during the Financial Crisis. We’ve learned that Debt can be like fire: it can be used as a tool, but it can burn you if you are not smart. But not on our watch!

Our access to wholesale lenders allows us shop for the best mortgage deal on the market for you. As a committed, experienced home ownership advocate, Homestead SPC takes great care to ensure our clients are fully informed, especially as to the TRUE COSTS of mortgage origination. We sniff out the “bait and switch” loan brokers and lenders. We shop for the best mortgage rates-always revealing the WHOLESALE INTEREST RATES, exposing the hidden costs and working hard to secure you the best available mortgage deal.

We negotiate your home purchase and you save money

Homestead SPC is not your “run of the mill” real estate broker, we are a law firm too. Realtors and loan brokers who compete based upon hype and happy talk are a “dime a dozen”. We compete based upon superior market knowledge, unmatched experience and the utilization of cutting edge technology.

Finding a home you love within your budget is a challenge we love! Not only will we find your ideal home, we will expertly handle all aspects of the escrow process while simultaneously arranging a mortgage with no broker origination charge. Your interest rate will be identical to the wholesale rates offered to mortgage brokers with no “mark up”. The usual mortgage broker fees on a wholesale mortgage, typically 1-3% of the loan balance, will be waived.

How do we stay in business? Negotiation and efficiency: we will arrange for the Seller’s broker to pay our fee instead, saving you thousands of dollars.

We provide legal advice and you save money

Knowledge is power! Our social purpose is to help ensure that you make informed financial decisions in all of your realty and mortgage transactions.

Homestead SPC is a California law firm, as well as a licensed real estate broker and mortgage loan originator. Attorney Roberts stands ready to provide you with practical advice and counsel before, during and after every real estate or mortgage transaction. As a client, you will have access to our Free Legal Hotline with covers real estate, mortgage, credit, HOAs, liens, escrow, property taxes and other subjects potentially affecting your home ownership.